Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Post

I read my horoscope today (believe me its rare =_=) and it was a special Valentines astrology.  It said something like..... Scorpios are mysterious and sexy, this year, offer something special to your other half, give him the gift of trust and reveal yourself to him. Write all your passwords on a paper and give it to him during an intimate moment.       --- who's the retard who wrote this ?!!

There are so many alternatives to this...

You could for example shoot a pole dancing video for your sweetheart, if you're too broke to pay for a studio you could go to my school's beautiful has 4 hidden poles, you cant see them in the pictures...

If you happen to be in Shanghai, you could go up the 87th floor of Jin Mao tower..for free! Have a pic nic in the refuge room, take the stairs, run around the corridors of Grand Hyatt, make a wish and drop a coin into the atrium:
just kiddin! its like 40 floors, you could cut someone's head in two. Grad your coin, get a coffee in Sky Lounge, and enjoy the view :)

And if you're on a serious relationship with a future doctor like Yang, you should consider getting her the sweetest of rings, the Ring Pop! yum yum

Knowing that Yang has to do many TRs at the hospital, you certainly don't want to see her lose a 10k ring in some patient's butt, so I suggest you getting her the candy ring.

But if you want to get an insight of Yang's expensive taste, here's a ring she picked from Tiffany and showed me one day... My dear, it's nice, but you'd eventually have to explain to your kids why you couln't afford to send them to school.

Today, I was offered a position as a school crossing guard. I have a $200,000 degree in Economics from a top 20 University and was offered a position to hold a stop sign and wear a reflective vest. I was tempted to accept. FML

 saddest & most discouraging comments ever.

ex: "I have an education which has left me 60k in debt. Now, I am working for 12.50 and hour with no benefits..but hey at least I am working. I actually applied at Mcdonalds and I have a masters!"

"Take the damn job, you self-entitled bastard.
Thousands of unemployed people would KILL for a JOB, ANY JOB. "  T___T
"If you knew anything about recruiting, you know that majors don't matter at all. They're nothing. You do what you want in college because you like it. You gain various skills pertaining to it and then for the summer you intern at places you want to work at. All the recruiters look at is your work experience and extracurriculars. Majors aren't shit. And seriously, do you guys even know what it means to go a top 20 school? We worked our asses off in high school to get here and I'm sorry but hard work and brains definitely entitles us to a better job. That is the whole purpose of going to a good school."
Heads up, graduate students!! Gotta stay positive and patient!


  1. LOL! That FML was depressing... And Valetine's gift shopping is so stressful. :S

  2. mais non Jenn, just spending the day together is good enough. its the thought that counts!

  3. haha love the idea of pole dancing for valentine's gift :p
    Surtout avec les poteaux de HEC XD

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