Wednesday, March 31, 2010

première chose à faire le 23 avril: rattrapper les heures de sommeil perdues

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hey hey hey daddy

Usher makes you wanna stay home all day and just wait for him. you know it ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

one of the many web trends..

Testing this new Formspring thingie....
get your own so that we can waste more time together!

Friday, March 26, 2010

How do you spell EXCITED?!!!

Guess who's going to the Gainsbourg movie premiere in montreal  MUAHAHA :D

nevermind that I seem to be the only excited person ( <50 years old) about this!!!

alright part of the reasons why I'm really forward to it is to see all the beautiful actresses on the big screen (Laetitia Casta, Lucy Gordon, MYLENE JAMPANOI)
indeed, once a month I must release my bicurious hormones haha bear with me!!

Too bad she's not a big part of the movie, she's playing the last woman Gainsbourg was with, they had a boy together. although was eurasian, their kid looks mexican, I don't get it...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl!

I know that internet sucks at Alcatraz, so let the song load first to set the mood haha

We met at this warehouse-looking school called BEM. (or at a previous party but cannot remember!)

We had e-commerce class with Dominique Billon, inspired by his awfully romantic french accent in english, I asked you on a date. a date to barcelona. you said YES, and I happily spent the following nights searching for hostels and itineraries like the geek that I am.
 on the first day you were radiant with joy behind your thick glasses and heavy playmobil hair.  We were spending a lovely time on the beach, when...

a wild douchemon appeared from the water!  Dude was on drugs, nevermind him.

Aww...look at you :) the guide was telling us about the story of this girl whose head was cut off.

speaking of the guide, wasn't he the cutest austraaaaaylian ???

~  tribute to my lovely douche ~
The little seamstress at dirty michael's place hahaha
you seriously look like a slave here

do you remember the 3 badass lesbiennes we met in Toulouse...
why are we always crazy when we're together?

I can't be there today to celebrate your 8th birthday with you, but you know that I can't drink anyway...   I love you girl!!


thanks to Jas for introducing me to Joanna Wang!    <3 what a delightful voice....

A girl that plays guitar while singing Moon River ??  fall in love instantly right, mr. lu ?

this makes me want to start a fire in the fireplace, sit on the rug with a hot chocolate, and read a book

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotta Catch' em All!

I read this alternate ending somewhere:
In Ash’s world he goes on to finally win the pokemon world cup…..right as he’s about to claim the trophy, people start disappearing, one by one, he says his goodbyes, and he’s left standing alone in the darkness….then pikachu comes running towards him, growing brighter and brighter.

Cut to his hospital room.

We see his mom at his bedside, crying, the doctor looks upset. apparently there’s been no change in his brain chemistry for seven years, and his insurance has run out. with professor oak there to comfort her, she signs tohe release to have the plug pulled.

Shortly after the plug is pulled, he speaks these final words before falling dead.

“I wanna be the very best…..”

alright no more space for emoness in my schedule, only hard work and more hard work!!

this episode is sadder than the notebook or whatever you girls find sad.  His accent is so douchey haha Good old days!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Journey to the East

Il a les yeux revolver
Il a le regard qui tue
Il a tiré le premier
M'a touché, c'est foutu

De six à douze fuseaux horaire, tu t'éloignes à nouveau
pour même pas 333 000 franc mille CFA, tu deviens l'esclave de Mazars
Il ferait mieux de bien prendre soin de toi, le Grégoire
Bon voyage mon Massimo!

bon mon rime gangster est nul!!!
je n'ai que 3 mots à te dire,

   Va, Vis et Deviens      8=====) ~ ~

Trouve un petit nid cozy pour ta lavette et schlouxel.    <3

Claustrophile ?

Cette photo me fait rêver.  Je crois être claustrophile, car je me sens bien dans des petits coins comme ça, avoir juste assez de place pour dormir et lire mes livres.  avec une fenêtre, c'est parfait! Les cabines de bateau aussi me font rêver. 

les livres plein les murs....le bonheur.

une cabane avec des chaises berçantes au milieu du bois, des rideaux pour un peu d'intimité....

windowsills that vaguely remind me of Marianopolis... et les coussins...oh je resterai toute la journée assise là à lire.

dans quelle position dormez-vous?  moi, les 5 premières. snif.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"In the old days when there is no TV, internet, iPods or reality shows, people rely on their passions to create something or else they die of boredom. That's why you see a lot of poets, painters, theologians, philosophers, etc producing masterpieces. It's hard to see that kind of passion that drives human to leap forward in time. People are so used to technology, they forgot what it's like to create something from scratch without a blueprint. "
triple sigh.
must reconnect with passions. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

bon vent !

À tous les montréalais envisageant d'aller manger au Coin Berbère dans le coin mont-royal, n'y mettez même pas les pieds, les employés de ce restaurant familial sont des enculés!!!

Nous étions 7 personnes à une table, 30 minutes plus tard ils nous avaient toujours pas ouvert la bouteille de vin et une fille a décidé de commander l'entrée plutôt que le plat principal, le serveur lui dit "ici, on commande du couscous."  alors que 6 autres personnes commandaient des plats à plus de 18$ !  on lui a expliqué mais clairement il était just retardé et n'avait aucun sens du commerce. il a dit "si vous voulez partir, alors bon vent"  en nous montrant la porte.  on s'est pas fait prier, et les deux amies marocaines ont conclu que le serveur nous aimait pas car il est algérien, et on avait deux marocains et un français parmi nous. ah bon!   contente d'être partie, il aurait probablement craché dans notre plat.  NY ALLEZ PAS, QUILS FASSENT FAILLITE!!    on a fini par manger de bons moules et frites pour 10 dollars à Fondue & plus  !!   service impeccable et gateaux délicieux.

Je veux mettre de l'argent de côté pour une voiture. il m'en faut une, ça prend à peine 15 min du centre-ville à Lachine en prenant l'autoroute. La moitié de mes amis ont leur propre voiture, donc c'est réaliste. ou bien JAURAI BESOIN DUN CHAUFFEUR-CHUM MERCI.

désolée pour l'incohérence, je sens l'alcool prendre effet.
bonne nuit!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday Mornings in Bordeaux

Sunday flea markets, used books and antiques and clothes.
Sunday food market, shrimps and great cheese and cold apple cider.
Sunday walking around by myself, or goofing around with friends.
Sundays without homework, parents, sundays without any plans that's how it should always be!!

Miss all of it so much!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

full time soccer mom dreams

I used to be an overally ambitious person, I mean career wise. Millions of ideas go through my brain ..I want to become a financial journalist, a pedetrician, a wildlife photographer, a magazine editor, a movie director, blalblalballblala

But tonight, I think... I want to become a full time soccer mom for my beautiful babies! :D   Why fight our genes ?  Maybe being at home is what suits me best ? I can't believe that I just wrote that.  haha. But seriously, why not start working after my children are old enough to go to school ?  oh yea I would have forgotten everything I learned and wouldn't be able to compete against the freshly graduated business students.

I think I would really like a full time job as a mom, I don't see anything wrong with that.  But can I afford it if I am a single mom??    

I ain't Angelina...

4 years?! I can't wait that long!!

** roulement de tambour **

there's going to be a ....KILL BILL 3!!!!!!!!!

it's going to be great, but only released in 2014. Gosh Quentin hurry up!!

I discovered
to walk the rainbow road...
perfect boots for pixies living in the forests

Sunday, March 14, 2010

je t'inventerai des mots insensés que tu comprendras

Ok, je vois que tout le monde met sur leur blog des paroles de chansons et de la poésie, alors je vais suivre la mode. 

Cette chanson, interprétée par le grand Brel, nous rappelle, non seulement que la musique d'aujourd'hui est nulle, mais que tous les effets spéciaux, les lumières et les paillettes du monde ne peuvent remplacer le talent et l'emocccciiiiiooooon.

Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas
envoyé par djoik. - Regardez d'autres vidéos de musique.

points bonis pour son visage ruisselant de sueur al.

J'ai tout de suite pensé à cette chanson 忘不了.
Haha j'ai toute la collection cd de Teresa Teng chez moi....     Either I'm in fact 50 years old, or the music nowadays is really crappy. I think its the latter.

晚安, 邓丽君!

Friday, March 12, 2010

vrai à 90% je crois

The Ox and the Dragon can make a great connection as long as they have similar goals in mind. The Ox may be put off by the Dragon’s fiery, impetuous nature, which is in direct contrast to the Ox’s solid, steady and serious approach to life. Oxen tend to be rather shy socially and can even turn some potential friends off due to the way they present themselves in social gatherings — as the rather rigid thinker who has no tolerance for others who are more frivolous or less honorable. The Dragon does appreciate the Ox’s honorable nature, however, and being a fearless, courageous sign, won’t be turned off by the Ox’s judgmental or dogmatic demeanor.

As lovers, these two can make a great match — the Ox isn’t terribly romantic, but can be incredibly passionate, which the passionate Dragon will appreciate. The problem between these two is they have rather dissimilar values: Where the Dragon is an idealist, an ambitious and pioneering spirit, the Ox is more stubborn, conservative and methodical. The Ox avoids arguments and is slow to anger, but when these two fight, it will be epic!(and the dragon will win) They would do well to learn to appreciate one another’s rhythms and motivations.

As business partners, these two could be an incredible powerhouse of a team. The Dragon is quite lucky with money, though it isn’t money that drives a Dragon — it’s power. The Ox will appreciate the Dragon’s money magnetism(so basically im a jew)  and will bring a lot to the team, being a diligent, dependable worker, one who wants to do things right the first time.  

Thursday, March 11, 2010

où est parti toute la neige du québec??

ah ouais...Karl nous l'a emprunté pour son Ice show au Grand Palais. ça explique tout.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hittin the road with Pat... not too far

it must the 10th perfect sunny day in a row. very unusual indeed.

all these cupcakes are begging us to adopt them. but being good girls, we chose a tiny fat free fruit sorbet.

oh geez, thanks now I only have to pay 400$ for this horrid coat!

not so interesting pictures of the streets. Just showing a certain french boy what he's missing by not dropping by!

to avoid any confusion, it's a cat tail ok? i would never such a thing next to a cute face like Pat's.

Paradise. Bookstores feel like home to me, kinda like how starbucks is supposed to make you feel (no thanks)
notice how we use logs as benches here in Canada. in fact we don't have lumberjacks here, its a myth. beavers do all the work.

Zone is a lovely home decor store.
going to a coffee shop without our laptops. that's a first!
Showing off my new companion, 100 days of ...uh years of solitude. The cover is perfect, its not glossy, but textured paper, not that anyone cares....  I sometimes wrap my novels in smooth brown paper, because it's textured and not slippery. ok I'll stfu.

 Going out with Pat inevitably leads to shopping.  Bought a cardigan, cette couleur me fait craquer. looks like something Joseph would wear.

then I fell in love with this Michael-Jackson-meets-Grandma sweater with ENORMOUS shoulder pads that makes me looks like a midget football player.
this picture totally doesn't do it justice.  oh, and it weighs around 3kg.

im going to bed,  xox.