Sunday, February 28, 2010

this is effin retarded

je ne suis même pas d'humeur à commenter là-dessus.
il me semble que la première cause de l'avortement, c'est les grossesses non désiré c'est plus fréquent chez un groupe ethnique et qu'elles ne veulent pas le garder, c'est logique que le taux d'avortement soit + élevé chez ces dernières.
mais faire un lien entre l'esclavage et l'avortement, et dire que c'est un complot envers le peuple noir..........

i remember that I once wrote a post on xanga, on the topic of abortion, and some freak left me a one page comment, with hateful threats and references to the bible..and it wasn't too pretty.  I try to fill my blog with mostly pictures, videos and entertaining material, but from time to time, I will bitch about politics and stupidities of society in general.  It's easy to label someone as a sexist, or racist, or homophobic, but these are just labels, try to come up with arguments and facts, and we can discuss about it. 
So bear with me, and if you don't agree with my opinions, leave me a comment & I'll glady brainwash you haha

but please, no references to the Bible. You wouldn't put that in your bibliography for school, so it doesn't work with me neither.

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  1. i know. kd jai lu larticle, im like *u must be KIDDING me*. cant believe these ppl. freaks to make such a link