Sunday, February 21, 2010


What the heck is wrong with the American society, Tiger doesn't owe the public an apology, nobody beside his family is affected by his affairs, and what he does in his spare time is none of our business.  It was the media who created this perfect image of him anyway, and the same media who blew this whole thing out of proportion, soooo hypocrite...only in America siiiigh.

dude, you mastered golf and women... two things that most men in the world dream about mastering.  but I'm digressing.

you should have just ripped that script in half and say f you to the public, and settle the rest with your family.

ps:  during study breaks, I send job applications ;)  just applied for Société Générale Marketing & Strategy Analysis intern position, please please make me happy...All this lack of response is causing serious damage to my "professional self-esteem" :(     Even housekeeping positions ask for 5 years of experience.      

I'm downloading a set of 800 songs from the 80s. one day I will write a post dedicated to this epic decade, about leggings over the tight, big mullets, high rise blue jeans, cheesy but oh-so-enjoyable power ballads. 

Je vous laisse sur un clip super RINGARD/quétaine/  the 80s fashion was really ugly, yet so awesome(am I the only one who thinks so?)  and props to Lionel for making stalking look cool!


  1. moi je pense qu'il s'excusait à ses commanditaires qui ont payés pour son image de la perfection. Gilette doit etre faché!!

  2. moi je pense que les consommateurs en ont rien à foutre de sa vie privée, même que les gars vont acheter encore plus de rasoirs gillette pour avoir son succès ha.

  3. bonne idée de commencer ton propre blog emo alex!!