Wednesday, December 30, 2009

white & nothingness. 3e jour ...

tu me manques.

how to survive after Erasmus??

I'll write about it when I figure out how...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

damn i swear time dilates in this airport, a minute seems like an hour

slept on the cold bench surrounded by a few hobos and a family of sparrows, lovely.
This really burst my bubble, because for the last two weeks I was floating on a cloud... and since I cannot stay longer, I have to look forward to going back home.

hmmm J'ai même pas imprimé mon billet électronique j'espère que air transat ne sera pas trop chiant. La companie aérienne que j'ai préférée en Europe est WizzAir, même si notre avion avait failli tomber dans la mini tempête et que la porte des compartiments ne s'ouvrait pas.

bon je ferai mieux d'aller chasser quelque chose à manger, encore 10h et je pourrai m'allonger dans mon lit puis sortir m'acheter une grosse poutine.

I hope you keep working for air transat bitch, because this is where you belong. thank you for offering us shitty service and shitty schedules !

not only i had to throw away a hand luggage and fill everything in a tiny handbag/wear on myself, but this i-ate-a-sour-candy lipped mean lady also made a big deal out of the 1.5kg extra in my check in luggage. screw you air companies, why dont you f*cking fix a maximum overall weight, including the person?? it's unethical you say? it's your fat ass thats unethical. je crois que tous les passagers aériens en ont marre d'être traités comme du bétail. i prefer the train by faaar...

la même impuissance face au temps assassin

c'est pas insouciance, ni insolence okay slip??

c'est impuissance T_T

C'est là où j'ai envie d'être en ce moment, but time's over for me! Me voilà au terminal 3 de l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle assise sur un banc avec tous ces itinérants. J'attends mon vol, qui décollera dans moins de 8heures pour me ramener à Montréal... Ah j'ai comme l'impression qu'on passe notre temps à se dire au revoir !

J'ai payé pour 24h d'internet dans cet aéroport mais ya pas de maudite prise cawliss! Il faut bien que je retrouve un peu de sommeil...bon d'accord je vais dormir un peu en serrant mon laptop très fort contre moi pour qu'aucun de ces clodos ne me le volent :'( une fois rentrée à Montréal je trierai les photos et j'écrirai ici quelques unes de mes aventures ... bah c'est interminable cette nuit blanche...

vous allez vraiment me manquer!!
ponyo ponyo, elle a un bidon tout rond!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wooah slow down!!!

Il me reste que 2 jours à Bordeaux?!

Mais je n'ai pas envie de faire mes valises!!!

I don't want to leave behind my 2 old cooking hot plates, my tv with only 3 channels, my blue door, my street full of dog crap and my beloved wheel- spinning table converted from a sewing machine...

And no matter how much I complain about the French, the French system, the French school, the French public transport, I LOVE IT HERE! I'm so happy that my school sent me here even though I haven't applied for this destination. It was my fate haha

And I haven't accomplished one of my missions here, I am still ridiculously alcohol intolerant :( No matter many Bordeaux I try here, my face still turns red after 2 drops, I'm a failure I tell you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

3 weeks.

how many heartbeats?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

mes nombreux handicaps

///Guess who's home on this New Moon movie night between girls!!///

random thoughts of the day

Salesmen are MUCH nicer to you, the moment they realize you speak French.

I'm the worst person to go shoe shopping with. because 98% of the shoes don't come in my size in Europe/North America. Damn parents, told them to not wrap my feet in those clothes when I was little. haha just kididin.

My friend calculated for me the amount I spent on SNCF, the French TGV company. .....*drum roll* 408 euros HOLY SH*T in less than 4 months!
You can add 35 + 59 to that, cuz I'm going to Lyon this weekend baby!!

I went to recycle the wine bottles from my house today, here we don't have the green bac de recyclage, we throw the bottles down a big plastic container on the street. It's so much fun because you can hear the glass breaking hihi

Wow maybe I should have went to the cinema, my building is empty again, all the girls went to get their dose of hunky vampires, and some other friends are watching 2012...But I already went by myself, American dialogues dubbed in French = fail.

I hope you can get the contract to Ubisoft Montreal....That would be my biggest wish ....alement.