Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I thought I had a genius idea

This is my desktop background:

If you haven't watched Roman Holiday yet, I urge you to, not one single modern days romantic comedy has been able to rival this movie's freshness and charm. And Gregory Peck was in way before George Clooney, just saying.

Entre 2 filets de bave devant mon ordi pendant que je somnolais d'une longue journée de merde, j'ai cru avoir un éclair de génie.  "OMG I'M GOING TO START A VESPA TOUR BUSINESS IN PARIS, asian tourists love this kind of cheesy movie moments idea! I shall buy a dozen of vespas and hire Gregory Peck alike men to be their private tour guides and make a fortune."    Thanks to Google, I was able to find out that many geniuses before me had the same idea and there are already several well-established vespa tours around Paris.  But you know what they say, finding out that your idea has been used already is a good sign, that means there's a market for it ---> less risk! 

I find this video incredibly sexy : fougueux (impetuous?? can you say that), young, totally illegal, and happens before sunset...  No it's not filmed from a scooter/moto, sounds more like a ferrari haha. 

And the infamous scene from Roman Holiday!! I don't care that they are going at 35km/h at the most, it's still exciting ok??

Anyhow, I'm keeping the idea in mind... As for the staff I sure hope I will be able to find some intern hunks (always hire interns haha hardworking and cheap!)  or I might have to kidnap some boy toys from the Abercrombie n Fitch store, although they might be more suitable for a gay clientele.  

My original idea was to do a mobylette tour, but I doubt it would be suitable for two people. Unless you have thick ass buttocks able to survive the pebble road bumps! 

If you've missed my awesome post about mobylettes bleues, read it again here:  http://yilizabeth.blogspot.ca/2011/06/epitome-of-teenage-cool-la-bleue.html

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm on a roll! After watching Thor, this week I have proceeded to catch up on Iron Man 1 & 2.  Mickey Rourke makes a really interesting russian badass I must say.

Anyway, just wanted to show you the following video from this crazy couple who are going from Paris to Moscou to Beijing to Tokyo taking the plane + trans siberian.  Feel free to steal the idea by the way yall:

Yes this couple has chosen to ask for kilometers as wedding gifts instead of the usual plates, bathrobes and dishwashers.  Genius!!  I don't understand the whole wedding list in western culture (or just in America??), in China you receive cash in red pockets, simple as that.   If there is such business in America, I would love to open a online wedding list website where people can make their payments online and the recipients can decide wherever they want to throw that money into.  Oh well, pretty sure it already exists.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I just watched THOR and I loved it!

When it comes to action movies, I'm always behind by a few years.  After watching the Avengers two weeks ago I felt a strong curiosity towards the Marvel characters, which led me to their individual movies, starting with Thor. Maybe next week I'll catch up on the Iron Man and Captain America.  By the way, first thing I did at the end of the movie was to google : How did Thor get back to Earth?  ;)

I'm ready to come back to blogging after a very much needed break (from not only the blog but also the internet & the evil computer)  aaah how liberating.

Sometimes after leaving the moose or watching him leave this time, my first wish is to be alone and have some time to JUST BE SAD.  The airport is the ultimate emotional roller coaster location, no matter how many times I find myself there I always end up with a nasty running nose and red eyes.  I think next time I will set my feet in there, it will be to start a great adventure !! Just wait for it!

Now something that makes me sigh everyday : walking up to my car, and being reminded that this same car brought my friends and I to New York two weeks ago... The moose and I even slept (uncomfortably) in this car by the lighthouse near 32nd avenue  the night my dad was in Lachine.  It's so much more fun to drive with friends around, even though they won't let me listen to Norah Jones.

A pic of Natalie is always a good way to end a random post.

Can't wait for THOR 2!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm taking a short break from blogging, as my moose is arriving tomorrow to be with me forever.

I couldn't be happier right now.  I'm the happiest goose in the world.

Psss, Pat & Anita, how cool is this las-vegas inspired invitation??

Friday, May 4, 2012

My ever-so-exciting Friday nights...

I take back what I said yesterday about computer n00bs.  Every once in a while I get reminded by my old nissan how car mechanics challenged I am.  And I must thank the one man who's always been here for me and poor nissan.  If you know me in real life chances are that you've heard me complain about my dad and how we argue 99% of the time and the remaining 1% is spent ignoring each other.  The % fluctuates from time to time but it still holds.   

My dad is like the archetype of the caveman.  Ok maybe not a caveman, let's say a traditional macho man.  I don't recall ever seeing him cook or washing the dishes, he wouldn't even touch the rice cooker or wash the salad.  My mom doesn't expect him to, because she's accepted the caveman that he is and he helps around the house by taking care of other tasks such as lighting the fire in the fireplace...
anywayyyyyyyyyyy j'en étais où moi??  
So yes, my dad, has NO PITY for retards.  Even when I give him my extra challenged-cute-help-me-with-my-car look.  This is why I'm spending my Friday evening reading on motor oil on wikipedia.  But I am grateful to have learned something, I really am. I know what the W stands for in 5w-30 haha    Dans un sens, mon père est très macho, en refusant catégoriquement de participer à des tâches traditionnellement pour femmes, mais en même temps il est très juste dans ses attentes que ça soit de femmes, hommes, sa fille, des retardés, pour lui "je comprends rien" c'est PAS une excuse.  Il a quand même eu pitié de moi et de mon rétroviseur manquant (le trou béant scotch tapé qui faisait un bruit de fou avec le vent) cette semaine il a installé ce dernier sans m'en parler.  Oui ça m'en prend pas beaucoup pour être touchée!!  C'est le plus gros geste d'affection qu'il est prêt à me manifester, et j'apprécie en tabarouette.    It's just that sometimes I wish I could be more spoiled like other normal daughters/only child, but I doubt I could get used to it.

With the help of my dad I will be better prepared to face the life of a single, independent, cat lady.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's not me, it's you.

The compliment I've unfortunately been getting the most at work is : Wow you're good at computers.  

You'd think my reaction would be
But sigh...being told "you're good at computers" by other women/girls is not even close to being told the same thing by a guy.  I consider myself in terms of computer knowledge around the average 2012 homo sapien level, but now, now these women... they are taking this to the level of ZOOLANDER and HANSEL!! 

1/4 of my work time is spent on the phone with angry flooring dealers trying to access our ftp site, trying to guide them step by step (which internet browser are you using? "I usually use Google.com miss, sometimes I go on yahoo.com"). I will not give up on educating these Alberta countrymen, even my 80 year old grandma has learned how to use Skype and attach pictures to her emails ;)

Learn how to fix your computer problems by yourself, it's not cute to be computer illiterate, AND I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND I DON'T HAVE THE OBLIGATION TO COME TO YOUR RESCUE.  But I will because your boyfriend needs a break from your ignorance from time to time.