Wednesday, December 30, 2009

white & nothingness. 3e jour ...

tu me manques.

how to survive after Erasmus??

I'll write about it when I figure out how...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

damn i swear time dilates in this airport, a minute seems like an hour

slept on the cold bench surrounded by a few hobos and a family of sparrows, lovely.
This really burst my bubble, because for the last two weeks I was floating on a cloud... and since I cannot stay longer, I have to look forward to going back home.

hmmm J'ai même pas imprimé mon billet électronique j'espère que air transat ne sera pas trop chiant. La companie aérienne que j'ai préférée en Europe est WizzAir, même si notre avion avait failli tomber dans la mini tempête et que la porte des compartiments ne s'ouvrait pas.

bon je ferai mieux d'aller chasser quelque chose à manger, encore 10h et je pourrai m'allonger dans mon lit puis sortir m'acheter une grosse poutine.

I hope you keep working for air transat bitch, because this is where you belong. thank you for offering us shitty service and shitty schedules !

not only i had to throw away a hand luggage and fill everything in a tiny handbag/wear on myself, but this i-ate-a-sour-candy lipped mean lady also made a big deal out of the 1.5kg extra in my check in luggage. screw you air companies, why dont you f*cking fix a maximum overall weight, including the person?? it's unethical you say? it's your fat ass thats unethical. je crois que tous les passagers aériens en ont marre d'être traités comme du bétail. i prefer the train by faaar...

la même impuissance face au temps assassin

c'est pas insouciance, ni insolence okay slip??

c'est impuissance T_T

C'est là où j'ai envie d'être en ce moment, but time's over for me! Me voilà au terminal 3 de l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle assise sur un banc avec tous ces itinérants. J'attends mon vol, qui décollera dans moins de 8heures pour me ramener à Montréal... Ah j'ai comme l'impression qu'on passe notre temps à se dire au revoir !

J'ai payé pour 24h d'internet dans cet aéroport mais ya pas de maudite prise cawliss! Il faut bien que je retrouve un peu de sommeil...bon d'accord je vais dormir un peu en serrant mon laptop très fort contre moi pour qu'aucun de ces clodos ne me le volent :'( une fois rentrée à Montréal je trierai les photos et j'écrirai ici quelques unes de mes aventures ... bah c'est interminable cette nuit blanche...

vous allez vraiment me manquer!!
ponyo ponyo, elle a un bidon tout rond!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wooah slow down!!!

Il me reste que 2 jours à Bordeaux?!

Mais je n'ai pas envie de faire mes valises!!!

I don't want to leave behind my 2 old cooking hot plates, my tv with only 3 channels, my blue door, my street full of dog crap and my beloved wheel- spinning table converted from a sewing machine...

And no matter how much I complain about the French, the French system, the French school, the French public transport, I LOVE IT HERE! I'm so happy that my school sent me here even though I haven't applied for this destination. It was my fate haha

And I haven't accomplished one of my missions here, I am still ridiculously alcohol intolerant :( No matter many Bordeaux I try here, my face still turns red after 2 drops, I'm a failure I tell you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

3 weeks.

how many heartbeats?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

mes nombreux handicaps

///Guess who's home on this New Moon movie night between girls!!///

random thoughts of the day

Salesmen are MUCH nicer to you, the moment they realize you speak French.

I'm the worst person to go shoe shopping with. because 98% of the shoes don't come in my size in Europe/North America. Damn parents, told them to not wrap my feet in those clothes when I was little. haha just kididin.

My friend calculated for me the amount I spent on SNCF, the French TGV company. .....*drum roll* 408 euros HOLY SH*T in less than 4 months!
You can add 35 + 59 to that, cuz I'm going to Lyon this weekend baby!!

I went to recycle the wine bottles from my house today, here we don't have the green bac de recyclage, we throw the bottles down a big plastic container on the street. It's so much fun because you can hear the glass breaking hihi

Wow maybe I should have went to the cinema, my building is empty again, all the girls went to get their dose of hunky vampires, and some other friends are watching 2012...But I already went by myself, American dialogues dubbed in French = fail.

I hope you can get the contract to Ubisoft Montreal....That would be my biggest wish ....alement.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

more frustration

I need sleeeeep and the damn french students next door are having a party while singing THERES A SHEWOLF IN THE CLOSET AOUUUUUUU ~~~~~

how can you even dance to that shit???

I'm going to shove the shewolf up your a** T_____________T
sigh I sound like a 95 year old lady living alone and sleeping at 8pm.

There's also a gay pub downstairs ..... called "Strong Men" .
And today they are having a special Aids awareness party.. I mean there were red ribbons all over the tinted windows, but I have no clue what really went on inside.... nor do I want to know.

anyhow...... this christmas I want to get myself an SLR. but then what's the point, my trip will be over :(

i keep telling myself that I will write to my grandparents, but my chinese is such a disaster that I stop after 2 lines. I know it would make them happy to receive my letter...sigh. Another wish of mine would be to go back to China after my bachlor, and learn intensive chinese for a year, that way I could walk with my head up in China without that feeling of inferiority and shame :)

le mois de décembre nous rattrape! qu'il semble loin le jour où j'ai trouvé mon appartement à bordeaux, où j'ai pris le train pour paris la première fois, la semaine où une lavette m'attendait à la maison avec le dîner sur la table pour faire la cuisine... heureusement qu'il y a toujours les photos pour nous rappeler de l'été!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Rare, beautiful, sunny day wasted on a stupid teamwork project, mais pas sur nimporte quel sujet, non il fallait que ça soit sur la plus grosse marque de douchebags, la marque par excellence des jeunes riches et cons, ou au moins the morons who aspire to become so.

Abercrombie & Fitch.


So after 8 hours straight of working on this bullshit, I walked home with a kebab, passing in front of all the nice French restos in my neighborhood... I suddenly felt a surge of motivation rushing through my blood, I swear that I'm going to end my studies with a beautiful diploma and have a decent, respectable career and most importantly NEVER, never have to eat kebab again. its taste will forever remind me of the poor student life. So sad that I will keep such a bad memory of the food in French, just because I couldn't afford to eat real French food....

however, the most important business I supported during my stay here is the TGV company, yes, if I calculated all my trips with SNCF, I spent around 300euros just to go to Paris, and around 200 euros for the other cities.

Sigh, how I envy sometimes the spoiled kids in China, who have never made money out of their own hands, ah blissful and ignorant youth.

totally irrelevant, but tonight, just for one night, I wish I had a caring, supportive and sweet Edward who would listen to me complain for hours while giving me a massage and climb on tall trees with me on his back.

I hope you didn't take this seriously.......

Why is that that when I tell a girl I don't like Edward and that I think he's such an uninteresting and fake character, the girl most likely will reply "you're just jealous of Bella". oh, how did you guess :O

Girls, where is your pride and common sense? I guess I've had my dose of Abercrombie & Douche New Moon for today, if I hear one more word about these 2 I will shoot myself.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm free falling

and nothing is crashing my fall

Thursday, November 12, 2009

merci maman



Friday, November 6, 2009

novembre, déjà?

J'aime accélérer mes pas pour m'ajuster au rythme de tes longues jambes
J'aime aussi quand tu ralentis pour laisser aux miennes, plus courtes, le temps de te rattraper

J'aime t'attendre quand tu regardes les livres dans la rue et que tu oublies le temps passer, pour ensuite te retourner et me dire "bon on y va ou quoi?"

J'aime quand tu testes la stabilité de tes tré-bras en faisant des vidéos sur la plaççççaaa reaal, mais surtout quand tu prends le temps de me laisser prendre une photo de toi en faisant un sourire à contre-coeur.

J'aime pas quand les portes de train se referment trop vite.
À bientôt ...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I skipped my 8:30 class for the first time since the beginning of school, not to go out or travel, but because my throat is killing me! It feels like a cheese scraper inside when I drink or eat....

I still need to get out of bed and finish my presentation for tomorrow YES ANOTHER ONE.
Cook the left over chicken breast.
Make myself some tea.
Go to a bookstore and buy a lonely planet.

This is my favorite song from the Carpenters!

Alright I don't think anything interesting will happen from now til Saturday morning, I'll put myself in auto-pilot mode until then.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

longchamp bag plague

Someone please explain me the reason why EVERY PERSON HERE IN EUROPE OWNS A LONGCHAMP PURSE??

I've seen many guys carrying it around as well.. it's not leather, its almost least it doesn't have the LV tacky & overdone pattern.

This is sadly beyond my understanding, just like the legging trend...
Maybe in Spain we'll be seeing more of these babies...but then again, a balenciaga handbag costs easily 1500$... there, my materialistic post of the week. (it's gorgeous!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harukami said....

" And it came to me then.
That we were wonderful traveling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits. From far off they look like beautiful shooting stars, but in reality they're nothing more than prisons, where each of us is locked up alone, going nowhere. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. Maybe even open our hearts to each other.

But that was only for the briefest moment.

In the next instant we'd be in absolute solitude. Until we burned up and became nothing. "

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tout léger tout léger tout léger


Today I booked a ticket Bordeaux-London on, by accident.
so I guess I'll be visiting England by myself on the weekend of November 6 !!! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

est-ce que tu reviens pour les vacances, moi je n'ai pas changé d'adresse...

Petite escapade le weekend dernier pour m'échapper de la monotonie de Bordeaux. Ulan et moi avons décidé de faire un tour dans les steppes de Mongolie où nous avons vu le jour.

Sous le vent d'automne, Ulan retrouve son agilité et son regard vif, le sang de ses braves ancêtres coule dans ses veines et il ressent une vague d'adrénaline lui monter aux babines.

J'observe au loin, ces champs de mais qui s'étendent à l'infini....mais que vois-je!

c'est une princesse qui s'enfuit de son royaume! Essait-elle de rejoindre l'autre bout de l'arc-en-ciel, ou s'échappe t-elle de son frère démoniaque??

Mes instincts de chasseur avaient raison, il y a bel et bien un château dans les environs. mais il y a encore une bonne marche à faire avant d'y arriver...

je rends hommage aux habitants de cette jolie contrée!!
Voyez ces braves citoyens coexister en paix et en harmonie. ..

Je dois à présent traverser une montagne....

J'ai cru voir le prince, mais il ne s'agissait qu'une lavette qui est arrivé avant moi au sommet du mont Châtelais.

J'aurai pu me débrouiller et descendre seule comme l'aurait fait Genghis Khan avant moi, mais merci de t'être rendu utile pour une fois. Quelle galanterie!

Cette promenade j'aimerai la refaire cent fois.

Friday, September 18, 2009

looking back...

Today is an awful rainy day in Bordeaux, so the outdoor event on the dune of pila was cancelled. Very disappointing must I say, that place looks so beautiful. But on the bright side, I will be able to catch up on some much needed sleep, & update this blog...

looking back, it was raining the first day I arrived in Bordeaux.

It was grey and confusing. You can tell it's an old city at a glance, but not colorful like Rome or crowded like Paris, although I immediately felt that I was going to like this place.
this is the place victoire, the turtle is a popular gathering spot for young people. In italy there was a lot of piazzas, I just love that concept, its so much cooler to say "lets meet at the turtle at the place victoire" rather than "the exit of guy concordia metro..."this is the ste-catherine street, the longest merchant street in the entire europe. 2 min walk from my house hehe

thank you for helping me with the luggages! I don't think I could have managed, especially with the broken handle lol

The first night in France was spent in a shithole. You CANNOT imagine how small that room was, its unconcievable that a girl lived there for 2 years.... anyway out of respect for her I will not post the pictures, but it will BLOW your mind I tell you!

here's the view outside my living room. Sometimes there are 2 french boys taking their coffee on the small balcony its pretty cute lol. there's also a gay bar downstairs as well as a japanese/korean resto. Must go there one day...