Friday, February 26, 2010

Reminiscing...Picture spam!

So happy tonight, not because I got raped by 3 exams in a row, but I have found more forgotten pictures!! 

la fontaine de Bartholdi à Lyon in 1996, I went to see it again last year, it lost its magic... maybe cuz it was being renovated, or cuz of the subway behind it.  its just not the same anymore.

Henri & Christiane... they had a little black cat called Minette, I never understood what they said, but they were really kind to me!
everyone had playmobil hair at some point in their life!

 doesnt she look like a doll herself?

back then we still had snow in Nantong!

I'm ballin'!!  is this a truck? a limousine??

my favorite apple sweater!!!  the softest sweater of all!!
apple sweater + skirt + purple leggings .....

I'm so happy I found this picture. It was taken on the boat on our way to Shanghai. It's always warm in Grandma's arms.   Love to all the grandmas in the world!


  1. Aw, tes photos me font sourire. :) Que de beaux souvenirs que tu dois avoir!!! <3

  2. c vrai k tu ressembles a ta mere en criss :)