Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to recognize a HEC douche from afar

Here's the douchebag uniform in my university.
yes I made a collage, because I know you are all very visual.

the obligatory Canada Goose, it also comes in beige, red, white , but you can't go wrong with black!
throw in a low v neck, you can tell its low enough when your chesthair sticks out.
(i couldnt find one, but for the sake of this picture a polo will do, its Abercrombie&douche anyway. )
then put on some tight jeans, low rise, but not too tight!! you still need space to put your iphone!

complete your look with the aviators and longchamp bag, and ta-da!

in HEC, it's all about being unique  :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHA give me the female version!!! I LIKE I LIKEEEEEE *going hysterical*

  2. i forgot the burberry scarf and the iphone/bb :(

  3. LOL totally agree and sooooo true!!! like Patsya said i also want the girl version with their longchamp bag :P