Monday, February 15, 2010

tic tac tic tac

Aucune explication possible, je suis complètement crevée....ou alors il doit se cacher un pois sous mon matelas.
only 2hours left until my alarm goes off, so might as well just stay awake right?

I swear youtube was invented for insomniac vampires like me!
listening to Sade's new album... her songs are just perfect.... music for the soul. it says so much feelings, without saying much.    I feel the same when I listen to Bjork, it takes me to another world, je flotte.   It sends shivers down my spine and mind breaks free, its like mental freedom.
Ok I'm going to stop here before you think I'm high on weed.

this song is like a hug after the longest day of work.

It's so beautiful, I'm on the verge of tears haha 

you don't have to speak - i feel

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