Friday, September 18, 2009

looking back...

Today is an awful rainy day in Bordeaux, so the outdoor event on the dune of pila was cancelled. Very disappointing must I say, that place looks so beautiful. But on the bright side, I will be able to catch up on some much needed sleep, & update this blog...

looking back, it was raining the first day I arrived in Bordeaux.

It was grey and confusing. You can tell it's an old city at a glance, but not colorful like Rome or crowded like Paris, although I immediately felt that I was going to like this place.
this is the place victoire, the turtle is a popular gathering spot for young people. In italy there was a lot of piazzas, I just love that concept, its so much cooler to say "lets meet at the turtle at the place victoire" rather than "the exit of guy concordia metro..."this is the ste-catherine street, the longest merchant street in the entire europe. 2 min walk from my house hehe

thank you for helping me with the luggages! I don't think I could have managed, especially with the broken handle lol

The first night in France was spent in a shithole. You CANNOT imagine how small that room was, its unconcievable that a girl lived there for 2 years.... anyway out of respect for her I will not post the pictures, but it will BLOW your mind I tell you!

here's the view outside my living room. Sometimes there are 2 french boys taking their coffee on the small balcony its pretty cute lol. there's also a gay bar downstairs as well as a japanese/korean resto. Must go there one day...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

posting from McDo on Champs Élysées

Raining hard,
arrived in Paris by train from Bordeaux at 11pm, so didn't bother looking for a hotel, slept 1h in the train station with bums before getting kicked out, then meeting a guy from holland, going to 2 bars that weren't closing til 5am....found a louis vuitton umbrella.

took the first metro to George V, waited for McDo on Champs Élysées to open under the rain, but happily had this umbrella....

raw, honest and accurate impression of French Men so far (excluding you of course)
-relaxed and chill

By the way , I found a great appartment, I will post pictures later on ;)

ciao guys!

I'm going to ITALY!!!!