Monday, June 29, 2009

4 days left...

"I'm sorry , I love you."

Friday, June 26, 2009


THATS RIGHT I GOT MY 600 YUAN BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

I spent like 300 yuan just on the metro already lol

life is great right now, I'm loving it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The month of June is so full of fails

Well, xanga is banned at my workplace now, I think it's because of me haha.
gmail as well. so i facebook . all counter-productive websites are banned. but they wont stop me haha!!
skipped lunch to take a nap on my desk today, needless to say no one talked to me all morning. I'm extremely sleepy today because I barely closed my eyes last night, it was 37 FKIN degrees with like 90% humidity so it was unbearable...unless you have A/C Of course my aunt has A/C in her beautiful villa, but the one in my room happen to be broken . I found a small fan and used it to keep myself from flooding the bed with my sweat, but it didnt help much in that heat. In the morning, that bitchy relative of mine (shes the only one like that in my family thank god) told me " your fan is so noisy you know that"


ugh. this is my cinderella in the big city story. except there's no prince and horse carriage and all that. Well there was a guy with his mercedes convertible, but it was a creepy night more than everything. I feel so sorry for the guy even if he drives fancy cars, cuz he's so socially challenged and awkward you wouldn't believe it.. I also lost my shoe in the metro stairs, it fell down 5 steps but no one picked it up for me, I had to walk back in that stampede of chinamen and get walked on by these uncivilised shanghai ppl to get my slipper back. yes screw you all and I hope you enjoy breathing the polluted air and waste 25% of your life in the traffic and in the overcrowded metro. Berri Uqam in rush hour is gonna feel like heaven for me when I go back =_=

I've been looking for appartments in Bordeaux for a while... I need something close to the tram, furnished, around 250 euros/month.. I don't mind living with 4 other people i just want somewhere to stay and that I can afford without having to eat bread and cheese everyday. But no one responded to me yet, except for a girl who said she needs someone to live in it for at least 12 months, and another guy from 'west africa' who tried to scam me by transfering him the first month rent to his 'lawyer' . esti!