Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jay Chou's 你听得到 featuring Jasmin

Tonight, its Jay Chou night!!  Yes, kickin it oldschool style, all the way back to 2003, when I had a huge, huge crush on Jay.  I bought his album Ye Hui Mei during the summer and listened to it a million times... I liked ALL of the tracks on that album, but one in particular, 你听得到.  It wasn't Jay's best composition, but the music video really grabbed my attention and I thought to myself that I would find out where that place is, if such a fairytale-like city really existed... I would go there before I die, or just die on the spot stunned by the beauty of it all.

Dreams do come true !! (twice, thank you to WizzAir!)

So, in this story you see "Jasmin" having a fight with her boyfriend, because she is whiny and unsecure and jealous and he's just sick of it. Then this girl with a STAR (its not a mole!!) on her cheek appears, and introduces herself as the sms messenger. She exists only in the virtual world...   I even bought the novel about the story haha it's in chinese, with a lot of pictures, and it describes the city quite in detail.

So, dear Jasmin, I wish you tons of fun in Prague!


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  1. prague is so beautiful! stating the obvious here, i know. =)