Thursday, January 10, 2013


I forgot to mention that Girls Season 2 is coming out in two days! The only "white" series I've watched so far are all from HBO (Flight of the Conchords, Game of Thrones, Girls) and I love them to bits.  
I don't know if Lena Dunham is the voice of our generation, but as a twenty something year old woman I can definitely relate to the characters trying to make sense of themselves... and mostly about accepting the fact that most of the time it doesn't make sense. I'm far from what I've pictured for myself ten years ago, but it's okay that we don't have it all figured out. We have to be good to ourselves along the way.

For your information, Girls episodes may not contain as much nudity and epic violence as Game of Thrones, but they make up in randomness and awkward sex scenes, love it!!

"Buy yourself flowers because boys don't "

Domestic Goddess

On some days I aspire to becoming a successful marketing director. 
But on most days I just dream of becoming a domestic goddess...

Afternoon reading on the balcony nook...

Steal my boyfriend's bike and turn it into a fabulous bathroom furniture...

 Change the flower water everyday, always have flowers in each room (or each corner of my gigantic loft)

Serve dinner on the rooftop terrasse, perhaps do some roof hopping into the sunset...

 My dream gown. With sleeves of course!

If I can't be a domestic goddess, I'd at least want a SMEG qui trône quelque part dans la cuisine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The best is yet to come

I've been awfully quiet on this blog for the last few months (it's always been sporadic anyways), and I can't promise it will change in 2013, since blogging for me has always been about spontaneity and randomness.  The irony of working in marketing & communication -_-    Being constantly on the lookout for new, exciting content and writing writing on the company's blog/social networks but neglecting my own little cyberspace...

For Christmas the Moose and I bought the following lens: Nikkor 50mm F1.4     I'm so happy about it, yet everyday I continue to read something new about photography and I get discouraged by how little I know.

Est-ce que je vous ai dit que j'ai des OSTIS DE GROS MOLLETS maintenant? Oui c'est horrible, c'est  aussi gros que les bras d'un champion de dragonboat, et vous pouvez imaginer sur un corps de midget comme moi.  Merci aux 5 étages sans ascenseur de mon appart et mon abonnement vélib.