Monday, April 30, 2012

I want ice cream and waffles.

1- Our crazy, spoiled, demoniac graphic designer is draining the life out of me, my intern and I have to help each other out in order to remain calm when we receive her unconceivably bad ideas through emails.  She is nuts, I tell you.

2- I'm ready for a couple life, after 3 years of living : one with roommates -  one living alone in creepy lachine - one living with the parents, I want to experience living with the moose, my partner in crime.

3- Maaaaaaaaaaan, I'm craving for a smoked salmon creamcheese bagel.

4- Maaaaaaaaaan, when is it going to be warm enough for open toe sandals?!

5- I just spent my two weeks salary paying back my credit card, sad part is that most of it is FRIGGIN drive to work... screw dis shiiiiiet.

6- Do yall follow my bro's blog?   what are you waiting for? Go give Huilong some love & encouragement.

7- I'm never going clubbing again.  There's no alcohol strong enough to make me stand the club music.  And did I tell you, I made fun of a kazak-looking man's super tight leopard shirt, my retarded laugh must have sounded like sweet music to his ears because he thought I was diggin his style and started talking creepily to me.  Poker face.  I'm never laughing at anyone's shirt again.

8- Madewell chunky sandals with exquisite colors. Look at them...  wish I could walk in the Madewell store right now, slam down my credit card, and bring these beauties home.

9- I want to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Hope it's as funny as Princessbride!

10- Yall have been to Kazu??  Tell me if there's a dish that you absolutely love!!  I'm making a list of good places where to take the moose and seduce him from the stomach, make him fall madly in love with this city and never leave.


  1. tu me fais toujours rire :)
    je vais tenter d'aller chez costco cette semaine pour qu'on aie du saumon fumé pour samedi!

    je ne suis jamais allée chez Kazu, mais jen ai bien envie!

    amène le chez schwarts!

  2. I love this post! It's so quirky and funny. ^-^ I'm going to have to copy youuu. *cat, cat, I'm a copycat*

    I haven't been clubbing in FOREVER!!! I miss it!!! :(

  3. Schwartz, curing vegetarians since 1920.

    mmiam miam de la bonne viande fumée!!

    clubbing sucks!! but alcohol helps a lot

  4. Amene le au Orange Julep, une bonne place a essayer une fois dans sa vie.
    Sinon, j'ai bien aimé le korean BBQ all you can eat Seoul Chako meme si Patsya aime pas les all you can eat. Cetait une bonne expérience.
    sinon encore, Poutineville, je ne suis jamais allé, mais j'ai reçu plusieurs bon commentaire.

    Tu devrais faire un plan de tes journées avec lui... genre se lever a 9h, et sortir ou passer du bon temps ensemble jusqu'au minuit, dormir ensemble un bon 8-9 heures (c'est meme peut être trop) et recommencer de longues journée mémorables