Saturday, April 7, 2012

We're back in 1998 when Leo was still hot

When Titanic first came out in theatres, I was ten years old.  I don't know about kids nowadays but I was ten old years I was completely clueless about intimacy between two human beings, and it was probably the furthest thing from my mind back then.

Watching this movie in the theatres with my parents was a mindblowing and traumatizing experience.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!  Yes during this particular DRAWING scene, I turned my head frantically to see the people around me whether someone would cover my eyes or "turn off the screen", it was simply beyond awkward and embarassing to see Kate Winslet's boobies with my parents on my side.  I mean it's still embarassing to watch a bed scene with your parents around, so imagine when you were 10... />
Kate Winslet is so perfect in this scene, I think any bum artist would have died happily after being able to draw a girl like that.

Right now I'm so excited to watch Titanic again, after 14 years!!! No matter how cheesy it is, it will certainly remain one of the most memorable movies of my prepubescent days. I'm ready to watch it again, without covering my eyes at the drawing scene nor panicking at the STEAMY HAND IN CAR SCENE (I thought Jack was murdering Rose and got so scared)

What are your thoughts on this movie? Do you remember when you first watched it? And did any of you understand the car scene or was I the only retarded one?


  1. haha oui javais compris la scene dans lauto. jetais aussi avec mes parents. jme rappelle quon etait dans la partie gauche du cinema, dans les bancs en diagonale. bref, quelques moments ackwards durant le film effectivement

  2. tu me donnes envie de le re-regarder. mm si jtrouve que 3h c enormeeeeeeeeeee