Saturday, April 21, 2012

This boy. My cocoon.

I can spend entire nights listening to Bjork.  She captured my heart with her strange and beautiful melodies.
I'm now listening to all the existing remixes on youtube (I do that all the time with songs I like lol)

Who would have known
That a boy like him
After sharing my core
Would stay going nowhere

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Possessed of magical
Who would approach a girl like me
Who caresses cradles his head
In her bosom

He slides inside
Half awake, half asleep
We faint back
Into sleephood
When I wake up
The second time
In his arms
He's still inside me

Love this tribal-summer-dreamy remix as well. I'm half moving to the beat like a whale on my chair. I can't dance if my life depended on it.

i miss you
but i haven't met you yet

so special
but it hasn't happened yet

you are gorgeous
but i haven't met you yet                      writing lyrics on blogs/diaries is so 2004 ;)

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