Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well sorry for my "creepy" poutine post guys... my blog has been quite impersonal lately, although this blog was meant to be a dump for my random thoughts, I find it hard now to just write down everything.  You can't handle the darkness of the abyss of my soul. hahaha -_-

Tonight I came home to the smell of a vegetable soup...  after so many weeks of going home alone, cooking & eating alone, it's really nice to see the lights on before I enter the door. I honestly haven't had that feeling for a long, long time.  This being said, I don't get along with my parents very well, but I've been living by myself in this empty house since my return from France and for once c'était pas le silence total la nuit. 

On the bus, a 100 kg man stepped on my foot, and didn't even apologize. What a waste of space this ginormeous person, I can't help but think...  It wouldn't be so bad, if he didnt steal my seat... the entire row actually.  So I was stuck sitting behind a young couple furiously making out with the whole slurping sounds + hand all over body combo. Gosh they were so young, it should have been cute but I was so annoyed that all I could think was "you're too young, this is not going to last, and you're only making out because you have nothing to say to each other". 

I'm not going to leave you on this bitter note, so here are some paintings by John Bauer, the illustrator from Sweden of the wonderful Trolls & Gnomes book.

J'aime beaucoup ce style d'illustration, faudrait que je trouve un de ses livres illustrés pour en raconter les histoires à mon enfant un jour.  non, juste pour moi en fait!

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  1. Les images sont belles! Surtout la dernière, tellement féérique!