Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010, year of breakups

Ah, you know I never write about celebrities on this blog, other than my long time crush <3 Keanu <3  or Gainsbourg.  But this year has been a very fructuous in breakups and divorces.  Tellement que tu te demandes si c'est pas un coup de marketing encore.  If Beyonce and Jay-Z break up anytime soon,  I think you guys should just give up hope  ;)    

Above, Vanessa and Zack Effron.  Reason of breakup: Zack finally came out.  No but seriously, I've never watched High School Musical, I just think they looked so adorable together throughout these 5 years. oh well, regardez la compilation ci-dessous!!

 Really sad for the children...but I think she's a real golddigger!

 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

 Jesse and Sandra. How did he even get a woman like that??
I really thought they'd be the one couple that would last... (mostly because of his looks, I'm so shallow!!)

 Jim Carrey and Jenny. um, what's wrong with your face Jim?

 Charlize Theron and whatshisname.  After t-e-n years !  I hope she will seek comfort in Keanu's arms ;)
 Marilyn Manson and Dita wannabe Rachel Evan Wood, they lasted quite a long time..maybe it's the weirdass kinky stuff that kept them together..ah.
 Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes         I knew it, Leo and Kate are meant to be.
 Nobody cares but Madona and Jesus.  Guess he wasn't The One.
 Jake Gyleutrhergfhall  and Reese Witherspoon     No comment. Taylor will probably write a song about it anyway.

WTH!!! I found out today in the metro news!  I guess being both gorgeous doesn't garantee anything in a relationship!  her in the red dress reminded me of Maggie's post on Real Woman have Curves lol.

the others : Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry, Rihanna and the baseball dude who's not chris brown, etc,etc.

source images & info from ohnotheydidnt (great gossip site)


  1. lol. Fame is not a great ingredient in any relationship, I guess. Will and Jada, on the other hand, say divorce isnt even an option for them, and that the problem with most people is that they see divorce as an option [and then they take it]. Btw, lol I don't think "real women have curves". The movie does:P

  2. ha! I just read what you wrote underneath as in "the baseball dude who's not chris brown" LOL

  3. The breakups are so sad!!! How can Wood cheat on Elin, how can Parker cheat on Eva!!! WHAT HAS THIS WORLD TUNRED OUT TO BE?! All these beautiful woman... Imagine scrawny girls like us, we don't stand a chance in this world of unfaithfulness.

  4. According to Dr. Helen Fisher,'s relationship expert and "chief scientific advisor," testosterone's to blame for the recent round of breakups. "Levels of testosterone peak in the late autumn, in November and early December, and high levels of testosterone are associated with being analytical, logical, direct, decisive and tough-minded. So, if a higher testosterone man or woman is stuck in a bad partnership, he or she might get that extra bit of chemical drive to the make the leap--away!"

    Meanwhile, New York City psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, has a simpler reason. He says the holiday season "is when you're supposed to be the happiest. And if you're not happy during that time, that's when it really hits home that you got a problem. You're supposed to be together and enjoy that time of year, but if you're at odds with each other, it really brings out the fact that the two of you are not on the same page."

    "The emotions are exponentially compounded, and they're explosive around the holidays because you're around your friends, your family, and they're asking questions about your relationship, so you start asking questions about your relationship."


  5. WTF Jake Gay dated Reese before? WHAT? Don't be so pessimistic...Sienna and Jude Law got back together in 2010 ;-)


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