Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the world spins madly on

 Il y a plus d'émotions dans cette petite chorégraphie de 3 minutes que dans un film au complet.  There are so many ways to interpret this animation, what is yours?

I think it starts as unrequited love, the guy longs to be with her but she teases him and escapes everytime. And at the end when the guy gave her everything he has (notice how the drawing of the guy loses details) and she decides to be with him, he no longer sees her as being special and walks away. I don't know!!

Or it could be two people in love and having the same dream of being together, but wake up to reality.

Or it could be about freedom, the guy longs to possess her but she flies away, and at the end realizes that she misses him too...but things fall apart because he is tired of waiting.         :(   How would you interpret this?


  1. p-e qu'il vit dans le passé, dans le temps où il était avec elle, qu'il méprend ses souvenirs pour le présent et la réalité. mais que la réalité finit toujours par gagner et regagner le dessus. la vie continue, le temps ne sarrete pas. he needs to walk away and face reality
    i think she represents the past/memories

  2. This represents an impossible love. I think she's dead, which is why she can take many/any forms she pleases. Finally, he gives up his life so she can live. But lo and behold, he's dead now. So they still can't be together.

  3. I feel it is about how one person comes into your your mind and heart. She/He lingers on. But sadly not every love could end with a good ending...