Saturday, December 4, 2010

The cantonese girl fight part 2

For your entertainment, the sequel to this...
no idea what they are saying,  but from the comments it goes like this...

Guy: Your clothes are all wet, I'll go buy you some clothes for now.

Girl: I don't want it! (whiny)
Guy: saw that bag yesterday. Uhh I'll buy it for you!

Girl: I DON'T WANT IT!! Get off!

Guy: Let's go to (somewhere)

Girl: Not going!

Guy: Be good! (a thing you say to children or's like "please behave")

Girl: Now I'm all wet, get offfffffffff!!!! *cries*

Guy: How about this, (says something really fast, I can't even hear it). Is that good?

What an useless guy. Can't believe people like that can get a girlfriend, I don't want to go into stereotypes, but there are so many soft-tofu-like asian guys like that, they are so annoying arrrrr


  1. LOL pourquoi tu regardes des vidéos comme ça. xD J'ai regarder 7 secondes et j'étais pu capable!

  2. soft-tofu guys LOOOOOOOOOLLLL

    jaime bien au debut quand la fille crie *quest-ce qui se passe? je suis toute mouillée! tu peux me dire ce qui vient de se passer?*

    y se passe quil fo ka criss son chum la

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