Thursday, November 26, 2009


Rare, beautiful, sunny day wasted on a stupid teamwork project, mais pas sur nimporte quel sujet, non il fallait que ça soit sur la plus grosse marque de douchebags, la marque par excellence des jeunes riches et cons, ou au moins the morons who aspire to become so.

Abercrombie & Fitch.


So after 8 hours straight of working on this bullshit, I walked home with a kebab, passing in front of all the nice French restos in my neighborhood... I suddenly felt a surge of motivation rushing through my blood, I swear that I'm going to end my studies with a beautiful diploma and have a decent, respectable career and most importantly NEVER, never have to eat kebab again. its taste will forever remind me of the poor student life. So sad that I will keep such a bad memory of the food in French, just because I couldn't afford to eat real French food....

however, the most important business I supported during my stay here is the TGV company, yes, if I calculated all my trips with SNCF, I spent around 300euros just to go to Paris, and around 200 euros for the other cities.

Sigh, how I envy sometimes the spoiled kids in China, who have never made money out of their own hands, ah blissful and ignorant youth.

totally irrelevant, but tonight, just for one night, I wish I had a caring, supportive and sweet Edward who would listen to me complain for hours while giving me a massage and climb on tall trees with me on his back.

I hope you didn't take this seriously.......

Why is that that when I tell a girl I don't like Edward and that I think he's such an uninteresting and fake character, the girl most likely will reply "you're just jealous of Bella". oh, how did you guess :O

Girls, where is your pride and common sense? I guess I've had my dose of Abercrombie & Douche New Moon for today, if I hear one more word about these 2 I will shoot myself.

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  1. Hi it's me, Ed. Si tu cherches ton string éléphant, sache que tu l'as oublié au sommet du séquoia dans mon jardin.

    With love,