Thursday, December 3, 2009

mes nombreux handicaps

///Guess who's home on this New Moon movie night between girls!!///

random thoughts of the day

Salesmen are MUCH nicer to you, the moment they realize you speak French.

I'm the worst person to go shoe shopping with. because 98% of the shoes don't come in my size in Europe/North America. Damn parents, told them to not wrap my feet in those clothes when I was little. haha just kididin.

My friend calculated for me the amount I spent on SNCF, the French TGV company. .....*drum roll* 408 euros HOLY SH*T in less than 4 months!
You can add 35 + 59 to that, cuz I'm going to Lyon this weekend baby!!

I went to recycle the wine bottles from my house today, here we don't have the green bac de recyclage, we throw the bottles down a big plastic container on the street. It's so much fun because you can hear the glass breaking hihi

Wow maybe I should have went to the cinema, my building is empty again, all the girls went to get their dose of hunky vampires, and some other friends are watching 2012...But I already went by myself, American dialogues dubbed in French = fail.

I hope you can get the contract to Ubisoft Montreal....That would be my biggest wish ....alement.

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