Friday, September 18, 2009

looking back...

Today is an awful rainy day in Bordeaux, so the outdoor event on the dune of pila was cancelled. Very disappointing must I say, that place looks so beautiful. But on the bright side, I will be able to catch up on some much needed sleep, & update this blog...

looking back, it was raining the first day I arrived in Bordeaux.

It was grey and confusing. You can tell it's an old city at a glance, but not colorful like Rome or crowded like Paris, although I immediately felt that I was going to like this place.
this is the place victoire, the turtle is a popular gathering spot for young people. In italy there was a lot of piazzas, I just love that concept, its so much cooler to say "lets meet at the turtle at the place victoire" rather than "the exit of guy concordia metro..."this is the ste-catherine street, the longest merchant street in the entire europe. 2 min walk from my house hehe

thank you for helping me with the luggages! I don't think I could have managed, especially with the broken handle lol

The first night in France was spent in a shithole. You CANNOT imagine how small that room was, its unconcievable that a girl lived there for 2 years.... anyway out of respect for her I will not post the pictures, but it will BLOW your mind I tell you!

here's the view outside my living room. Sometimes there are 2 french boys taking their coffee on the small balcony its pretty cute lol. there's also a gay bar downstairs as well as a japanese/korean resto. Must go there one day...

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  1. deja une poignée de valise brisée?!? ayahhhhh
    je suis contente k tes installée et k tu commences à apprivoiser ton nouveau environnement. wish u all the best xoxoox

    ps (luv ur shoes)