Saturday, November 28, 2009

more frustration

I need sleeeeep and the damn french students next door are having a party while singing THERES A SHEWOLF IN THE CLOSET AOUUUUUUU ~~~~~

how can you even dance to that shit???

I'm going to shove the shewolf up your a** T_____________T
sigh I sound like a 95 year old lady living alone and sleeping at 8pm.

There's also a gay pub downstairs ..... called "Strong Men" .
And today they are having a special Aids awareness party.. I mean there were red ribbons all over the tinted windows, but I have no clue what really went on inside.... nor do I want to know.

anyhow...... this christmas I want to get myself an SLR. but then what's the point, my trip will be over :(

i keep telling myself that I will write to my grandparents, but my chinese is such a disaster that I stop after 2 lines. I know it would make them happy to receive my letter...sigh. Another wish of mine would be to go back to China after my bachlor, and learn intensive chinese for a year, that way I could walk with my head up in China without that feeling of inferiority and shame :)

le mois de décembre nous rattrape! qu'il semble loin le jour où j'ai trouvé mon appartement à bordeaux, où j'ai pris le train pour paris la première fois, la semaine où une lavette m'attendait à la maison avec le dîner sur la table pour faire la cuisine... heureusement qu'il y a toujours les photos pour nous rappeler de l'été!!

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  1. Oh j'adore la deuxième photo! Elle est parfaite! Tu as l'air de vrmt t'amuser! <3