Sunday, December 27, 2009

damn i swear time dilates in this airport, a minute seems like an hour

slept on the cold bench surrounded by a few hobos and a family of sparrows, lovely.
This really burst my bubble, because for the last two weeks I was floating on a cloud... and since I cannot stay longer, I have to look forward to going back home.

hmmm J'ai même pas imprimé mon billet électronique j'espère que air transat ne sera pas trop chiant. La companie aérienne que j'ai préférée en Europe est WizzAir, même si notre avion avait failli tomber dans la mini tempête et que la porte des compartiments ne s'ouvrait pas.

bon je ferai mieux d'aller chasser quelque chose à manger, encore 10h et je pourrai m'allonger dans mon lit puis sortir m'acheter une grosse poutine.

I hope you keep working for air transat bitch, because this is where you belong. thank you for offering us shitty service and shitty schedules !

not only i had to throw away a hand luggage and fill everything in a tiny handbag/wear on myself, but this i-ate-a-sour-candy lipped mean lady also made a big deal out of the 1.5kg extra in my check in luggage. screw you air companies, why dont you f*cking fix a maximum overall weight, including the person?? it's unethical you say? it's your fat ass thats unethical. je crois que tous les passagers aériens en ont marre d'être traités comme du bétail. i prefer the train by faaar...

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