Saturday, June 2, 2012

il sogno é il mondo mio, tu sai che oggi morirei per onestá.

Pour célébrer la fête nationale de l'Italie, je vous file cette vidéo du film québécois Leolo, un segment où il nous présente son amour sicilienne Bianca.

 Leolo is a STRANGE and strikingly beautiful movie, I've wanted to watch it for a long time and I finally did last Christmas with the moose.  We were both mesmerized by its bizarre and raw poetry, I don't think any other movie has left me in such a state of nostalgia and ...longing for something unknown but real...   How can I put this, the entire story is so strange yet so real, as if the director dived into your brain and filmed from the depth of your subconscious.


By the way, was last week the week of cannibals, zombies and american psycho or what?!!

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