Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I thought I had a genius idea

This is my desktop background:

If you haven't watched Roman Holiday yet, I urge you to, not one single modern days romantic comedy has been able to rival this movie's freshness and charm. And Gregory Peck was in way before George Clooney, just saying.

Entre 2 filets de bave devant mon ordi pendant que je somnolais d'une longue journée de merde, j'ai cru avoir un éclair de génie.  "OMG I'M GOING TO START A VESPA TOUR BUSINESS IN PARIS, asian tourists love this kind of cheesy movie moments idea! I shall buy a dozen of vespas and hire Gregory Peck alike men to be their private tour guides and make a fortune."    Thanks to Google, I was able to find out that many geniuses before me had the same idea and there are already several well-established vespa tours around Paris.  But you know what they say, finding out that your idea has been used already is a good sign, that means there's a market for it ---> less risk! 

I find this video incredibly sexy : fougueux (impetuous?? can you say that), young, totally illegal, and happens before sunset...  No it's not filmed from a scooter/moto, sounds more like a ferrari haha. 

And the infamous scene from Roman Holiday!! I don't care that they are going at 35km/h at the most, it's still exciting ok??

Anyhow, I'm keeping the idea in mind... As for the staff I sure hope I will be able to find some intern hunks (always hire interns haha hardworking and cheap!)  or I might have to kidnap some boy toys from the Abercrombie n Fitch store, although they might be more suitable for a gay clientele.  

My original idea was to do a mobylette tour, but I doubt it would be suitable for two people. Unless you have thick ass buttocks able to survive the pebble road bumps! 

If you've missed my awesome post about mobylettes bleues, read it again here:  http://yilizabeth.blogspot.ca/2011/06/epitome-of-teenage-cool-la-bleue.html

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