Monday, June 11, 2012

Today is Huilong's Day

Yes I just declared today as the Official Huilong's Day.

Although I did not contact you this weekend (peur de te faire déconcentrer comme une tapette), I sent you all the positive spartan energy in me and some very much needed extra IQ points on your way for your LSAT exam.   I'm sure you did great, and to celebrate I shall give you The Headbutt of Victory.  and post some embarrassing pictures of you, embarrassing cuz we basically looked the same...  Yes your long hair days tragically coincided with my short little boy hair period...

You are
The best 191 bus partner in crime one can imagine.  I've probably spent more time in my life on this damn bus than sleeping by now.

You are also the most neutral person I know, I mean it as a compliment, being the super racist/mean/judgmental person that I am, you have always been there to show me the other side of things and reminding me to take a step back before I get beat up on the street for saying something stupid and most likely racist.  Sometimes you just want me to shut up but you say it in such a funny way that I keep talking just to hear your fast paced "shutthefuckupnoob" with this face -_-  on repeat.

  -_-       = literally a homage to your face man.

 You are also
The Karaoke King.  You might not realize this but you've got a better voice at karaoke than any one of us.  Granted we set the standards pretty low, but you just blow us away with your EYE OF THE TIGER.

Anyway, I know you are like my blog's biggest fan, and I know I haven't been the nicest friend to you, but give me a shout when you wake up from your 72 hour long post exam recovery sleep and we shall go celebrate!!!


  1. We all need a friend like Huilong then. :) Because we are human and we have our own convictions, we do need someone to show us "l'autre côté de la médaille".

    I need a friend like him so I don't keep on hating everyone. o.o

  2. You can see that those photos were taken at a time when I was smoking alot of pot