Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Dare You To Let Me Be Your One And Only

Sorry, my blog has gone on a cheesy slope again, but to be honest I'm enjoying it so so much  (!!!)

Yesterday my friends and I had the best time celebrating Anita & CK's special day, it's amazing how until a few months ago, Anita and I didn't even know each other that well, I'm so glad she took me on this journey and made me part of her team while giving me 100% of her trust.  You've made it girl!

I'll let the bride be the first one to publish her wedding pictures, meanwhile I will show you some behind the scenes shots.  Pat (who was drop dead gorgeous by the way) was truly the logistics/planning brain throughout the whole event, and I have discovered some hidden talents such as blowing & knotting 80 balloons without passing out.  The Guys with Scars were professional and appreciated by their groupies as usual.  (Cong had his butt grabbed a bunch of times by a guy, I had to mention this)

Anita,  j'aimerai te souhaiter encore une fois tout le bonheur du monde avec CK.  Je l'ai seulement rencontré pour la première fois hier, mais il faut être aveugle pour ne pas voir qu'il est fou de toi.  Je suis fière de vous deux!!  En passant, lorsque vous vous êtes embrassés après l'échange d'alliances, Pat et moi nous nous sommes tenus par les épaules pour ne pas fondre de cheesiness & vomi, vous êtes VRAIMENT MUSHY par moment hahaha

Growing old with your best friend... The most romantic thing we all wish for, really.  

The lovely twins & musicians on the semi-secret belvedere up Mont-Royal, we were waiting for the groom to arrive at the end of the Surprise scavenger hunt.  

Tim, Piratographer lol

 Groupies everywhere they go,  Guys with Scars : Cong & Tim.

I'm seriously impressed by my lungs capacity.  But my lips sorta went numb after the 56th balloon.

Bon, j'ai demandé qu'on te joue cette chanson en slow hier soir, Anita, mais Rida ne l'avait pas sur son ordi, alors la voici.  <3

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