Tuesday, June 29, 2010

confusing sounds with taste...what?

Today after my finance exam (or rape, whatever you want to call it), my classmates and I went to sit at the cafeteria to catch a glimpse of the Paraguay-Japan shootout on the giant stock market screen.  I make a remark about how good the food smells today and my classmate then told me that he has anosmia ; an inability to perceive odors. Ever since he was born!  So he can't even imagine what it feels like to be around dirty Cong!  I'm kidding, it's just impossible to describe the smells to someone who doesn't possess the olfactive ability :S   But it is so much better (not even comparable) to being blind, or deaf.

He then told me about a weird rare brain disease, one that makes the person confuse sounds with taste.  It's not the organs themselves, it's something thats wrong within the brain. So they did some experiment with this patient, and played Mozart on the piano, and for each different sound, the person would taste banana, strawberry, spice, etc.  They played with different notes and every note corresponded to a specific taste.   WTFFFFF               i want to know, if I slice up a lot of fruits and food, and shove it in his mouth, will he hear music???

And something even stranger, a man who has the hearing abilities of bats.  He is completely blind, and has to produce a clicking sound whenever he walks (like the !xobile sound) to be able to "see" where he goes, just like bats....   In fact when he runs, he has to do the click sound reeeeeal fast, to know where he's going. wow. just wow.

And then there's also this man who was born with the ability to tell 30 , 50, 80 years from now the exact day (monday, tuesday, wednesday...) the date is going to be on.  He can tell you in a second, what day your 80th birthday is going to be on lol.   It's all so strange isn't it??


  1. loool

    ahh refreshing after all my stupid accounting exams..

    how come you are still at school? not graduated yet?? ca fait trooooop longtemps! are you going back to china this year? i'll be heading to shanghai, it'd be cool to catch up on the other side of the world :P

  2. lol jvois k tu retiens plus de cette convo k de ton cours de finance.

  3. allo mansi, je suis en retard comparée à toi!! un semestre de + au cegep, donc je finis l'université en déc.2010...

    are you going to the expos?I'll be in my hometown Nantong most of the time, but will definitely go visit Shanghai!

  4. ahh ok yeah true! i forgot! hehe. :P my bad.

    i'll be going to the expo although everyone keeps telling me it's just wayy over-rated!

    i'll come visit you in nantong! SERIOUSLY!!! loool. im backpacking with some friends so we're likely to have a lot of time around the coastal line and nantong is pretty close to shanghai right? like ~100km away? :))

    msg me ur china cell # and we'll figure something out!!! otherwise let's hang out in shanghai :))