Friday, June 4, 2010

~ Alejandro ~

Alejandro is the name of the Korean boy I dated for two very short months back in sec.3   He was a total sweetheart and a perfect gentleman, but all I could think about was how to get myself out of this situation, because I didn't really love him. Ah stupid and foolish I know, but what do you expect from a 14 year old teenager.  I developped a crush on him after seeing a video tape of his piano concert that my parents bought.  He played like a god, (no really) , and i was just.... amazed by his fingers on the piano lol. There's no other way to put it haha.  And he lived near my house, his mother owned the dep near the lakeshore and she dated my friendly neighbour back then...  I was happy to have this stupid crush on a boy I've never met, to listen to his piano and hear about him from my neighbour. Then one month later( it was during the month of March)  I went to visit him at his house with my neighbour, it was incredibly awkward!!!  We quickly became friends, took long walks on the lakeshore despite the heavy snow, exchanged letters,etc.  The more he liked me, the more I felt like this crush was just an illusion and the more embarassed I became.  Like I said he was a real sweetheart, he even came to pick me up after school in his car, but I was so embarassed that I gave him a lame excuse and ran away.  He was really passionate about his music, so much that he forgets how to live the rest of his life: he would often walk out the house in winter without his coat, or forget to eat, forget the day of the week....      ah it's funny to think that he was 18 back then and seemed so old to me ( I was 14)   and now I'm already 21........

la dernière fois je vous ai parlé des danseuses du bar de l'autre côté de la rue, aujourd'hui  je vous annonce la venue des mexicains dans notre petit village! rejoice!
En effet, chaque année ils sont une trentaine à venir travailler dans la pépinière du village pour quelques mois, ils ont des boulots très durs, que personne d'autre veut faire.  Le salaire est quand même pas mal, ce qui leur permet de faire vivre leur famille.

Les mexicains et moi, nous nous comprenons très bien.  Nous sommes en minorité dans ce petit coin perdu, et nous nous ennuyons à mort.  Nous sommes tous là strictement pour le travail, et nous n'arrivons pas à nous lier avec les autres habitants!  En plus ces travailleurs sont tous venus entre hommes, et leurs copines doivent leur manquer terriblement, car ils viennent souvent au magasin feuilleter des magazines pornos muy caliente.   Ils sont adorables ces mexicanos, j'ai juste honte de mon espagnol quand je leur parle, j'ai oublié à 100% ce qu'on a appris durant les cours au secondaire.

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