Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dreaming of a big, bright barn house

Petit-déj avec les enfants :)

Rustique, éclairé, simpliste. et tout ce bois!  cozy à souhait.


  1. QUOI? LES ENFANTS??? You're dreaming about marriage ou quoi? But do invite me. haha xxxxxxxxxx(I'm so generous on giving kisses to you) Jas

  2. Omg find me a contract I'll sign the lease right now.
    Everything is so clean and pure. I love the wood rafters in the first couple of pics especially.
    The contrast between the warm cozy feeling of the wood and the clean sophistication of the white really makes for an interesting balance of rustic and modern.

  3. Wow! C'est la maison de qui ça? ;) Comment as-tu fais pour avoir les photos?!