Monday, May 31, 2010

wtf Karl

ummm so these occidental luxury brands are pretty obsessed with China right now.
Chanel's short movie "Paris-Shanghai fantasy" is utterly boring, so much that I skipped right to the 2nd unimpressed... Please let the Chinese characters be played with real Chinese (it kind of reminds me when Vivien Leigh or Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, or Jake Gyllenhal as Prince of Persia  jeeez)

Baptiste Giabiconi as the cat-eyed emperor, it's gotta be a joke!

Prada, can you do any better?

Just as boring as you can see. and out of .5billion girls they could have picked, they chose a hideous one at 3:26.

Dior, Dior, show us what you can do!

It's like they forgot to hire an artistic director...the lighting is horrible, poor Marion's acting is bland, and the room's decor has TACKY/kitsch written all over it.   How they manage to bore you with only 10 minutes of material is beyond me. I'm just passing on my frustration to you guys haha

Alright I will stop bashing them now.  J'aime pas particulièrement Shanghai pour commencer, mais elle va très bien avec Paris, les deux ont cette arrogance et ce sale caractère. C'est pas de leurs fautes, elles sont tellement belles et on leur enfle la tête depuis des siècles.

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  1. chui daccord pour Paris. so snob, so expensive, not even that posh since its so touristik and tacky. pour ce ki est de shanghai, chui pas aller encore alors je te dirai ca dici octobre ;)