Thursday, May 13, 2010

dans mon jardin

j'ai essayé de donner à ces photos ce style/texture de photos sur pellicule,comme celles de notre enfance.  Elles étaient loin d'être parfaites, souvenez-vous des bordures blanches et délavées, quelques lignes oranges et rouges, problèmes de focus,etc. Mais infiniment charmantes!  


  1. so talented XD
    i want moreeeeeeee

  2. Yea your composition is definitely on point. I also really like how you capture different colors and tones and position them in really complementary ways.
    Your pictures definitely have that "old style" look to them. Is anything post-rendered in photoshop or anything? Or is it all just experimentation?
    Of course, your dog is really cute too!

  3. I don't really think about the composition when I shoot xD later on photoshop I crop out the unecessary and experiment changing the tone, adding a color gradient,etc. the vintage look is definitely thanks to photoshop!