Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I had a good reason for being late to class...
my neighbour's ugly, nervous and insecure dog attacked my Beibei!!!   Within 2 seconds, it had beibei pinned down on the grass, bit him on the leg and was about to eat him up!!!  Beibei ran for its life but unfortunately was stopped short in the corner of the garden, and I followed them barefoot, yelling hysterically like a mother whose son is attacked by gangster (...)  my neighbour finally came out of his house, topless nonetheless, and grabbed his dog, punched it in the stomach several times, while Beibei flew into my house and hid itself underneath the table, shaking and bleeding from the leg.  I later found out the neighbour's dog is a female....whereas beibei is a young man.
bitch, much??? 

Now you wonder what kind of dog was my neighbour's. It's a damn french bulldog... il a une face détestable non??  no wonder she feels the need to attack other better looking dogs, pffff   ... next time you see a bulldog, kick it in the face! (calme toi yili, calme toi)

esti qu'ils ressemblent à des messieurs chauves dans la 50taine un peu grassouillet, sans personnalité check out my little angel, my beibei...

who would want to attack THIS ???
seul un bouledogue français sans coeur, avec une sale gueule en serait capable. BOOOOO 
Je vais te protéger et t'aimer toute ma vie Beibei!!


  1. OMG!!! Je ne peux même pas imaginer à quelle point tu devais capoter! J'aurais sûrement pleurer en huggant mon chien. :/

  2. javoue k ton chien est freaking tro mignon