Sunday, May 30, 2010

the secret behind Gaspard's dimple...

as much I hated his movie "Le dernier jour" ( one of those movies that you keep watching until the end, but the story never takes off...), I must say that Gaspard Ulliel is quite an eyecandy ho ho ho :D

he grew up since A very long engagement !!!  And for your information I'm not a pedophile ok? he's 4 years older than me. pffff
I haven't watched Hannibal Rising, in fact I haven't even watched silence of the lambs!
He looks like a french version of Gael Garcia Bernal:

Very deep blog post for today, I know.
The secret behind his dimple is in fact that it's not a dimple. It's a scar that he got from his dog.
Next eyecandy post will be on a girl, because I care about my male readers ;)


  1. A scar from a dog. :/ That must be painful and scary. Especially from your own dog. It would make me so sad! >.<

  2. haha Jenni, même pas un commentaire sur ses beaux yeux? ;)