Monday, January 11, 2010

Tristan & Iseult

Done, I disappeared off of facebook :)
Being back in Montreal has made me realize how much I've neglected my relationships with others over the last years, and how very few friends I have left now.  Sometimes I really envy the girls with their tight cirle of friends with whom they go brunch and watch movies.  heck, even shopping!  Granted, I don't even like shopping, but its been so long since I've had the experience of walking around malls with friends.

anyway, having one true friend is good enough to keep me going. unfortunately he is on the other side of the world, working day and night. I'm really proud of you, Cong. I'll make you my bridesmaid one day, and I'll be your best man on your special day!

Living alone leads fast to bad habits. My new one is to eat in front of my laptop while watching a movie. Tonight I watched Tristan & Iseult (2006), not nearly as enjoyable as the book (as always)  but it was worth it thanks to James Franco (yum yum). The Irish landscapes were breathtaking, I must make it my next destination!!  One thing that bugged me in the movie was that no love potion was involved, in contrast to all the versions of this legend!  It's the keypoint of the story! Some people might argue that it's less romantic if its triggered by something chemical (or magical) and that they are helplessly trapped into this situation.  well that's how love works, it kindles with a bit of chemistry, and consumes you while you watch, helplessly.

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