Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jewelry Art

Swarovski's releasing this winter a new line inspired by Alice in Wonderland (as the movie is coming out in March)   Lovely isn't it??
I also found on  a locket just as pretty, with a porcelain bunny, a pocket watch and a book.  I was about to order it ...
then I saw these!!
A dainty matryoshka doll locket!!

So soft and feminine and vintage!! (yes its my favorite adjective, and I abuse it and it makes me happy)  now do me a favor and take away my credit card.

Browsing Etsy is a lot of fun, you come across handmade items by talented artists, who are often surprisingly young.  So for jewelry, there's more than just Swarovski and Birks!

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  1. trueeee i loveee etsy!!!! les artistes mettent bcp damour et de temps ds leurs confections :)