Sunday, January 24, 2010

Damn it.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a Wacom tablet, and I'm not going home without one!!!

I really don't know what's stopping me from getting my dream camera after many, many years of lust.  I always thought it was better to be able to afford a trip, than to have a camera but beeing too poor to travel.

Now I do have enough, but after paying the tuition fees, I found my savings account so pityful :(   Pour quelqu'un de mon âge, j'ai vraiment pas beaucoup d'économies. Les étés passés à travailler dans les restaurants ont été versés dans les étés suivants pour mes voyages en Chine.  I thought I could have around 20k in my savings account by the time I'm 20, but hell no, I don't even have 10k.  Instead, I owe 8k of loan to the government...
BREF, I'll have to wait to have my baby!

The next logical step after the DSLR would be getting a car, but I plan to travel a loooooot more so there's no point having my Q9 yet.  (muahaha by that time it will maybe be a Q13) (it's gorgeous)

笑一笑, 没有什么过不了!


  1. Lol Yili! As students, we definitely shouldn't expect to even be able to have savings! The only way I can save up is on meals... Skip a meal, save like, 5-10$!

  2. stop skipping meals, your stomach shouldn't be held responsible for your poverty haha

    je comprends, mais je suis dans une école de commerce, c'est un peu pathétique que je ne puisse pas gérer mon argent comme il faut.

    fine im going to start skipping meals.