Monday, January 25, 2010

Trading simulation #1

Today was the best Monday I've had in weeks!
We had a trading simulation in one of my finance class. Very stressful, although we only have two titles, because you have to first analyze the scenarios and predict the dividends, then react really fast and figure out the software, I  mixed up bid and ask, and lost 1.4 million on the first round.  Second round I made 59k, then lost 1.2 million again... I went all in, short sold 50k shares , and messed up........

but check out my cool classroom!

then I went to Ubi to give someone's cv... ;) wow I wish I work in a nice office later on(no one really wishes to work in an office..but..)

Then I met up with Peter in downtown, we went to Futureshop for my tablet and Forever21, the new H&M, it opened this summer in Montreal I believe, but I never went. did you know that it was founded by koreans??

A church in the middle of downtown, cool isn't it? but I've never been inside :(
After we went to Buffalo Wings, where I tried the "suicide sauce" and it nearly killed me. there are 7 levels of "spicyness" and that was only level 5.  Anyway, hilarious stuff!

that was 2 weeks ago, when I shovelled until my arms fell off. it was 3 times higher than my dog...

to end this random picture post, a picture of Pat & Mat, on our study-wednesday afternoon!

Félicitations pour avoir été acceptés au Campus Brézil!!!  vous êtes vraiment insupportables avec vos bécots, en plus vous bloquez la rue en vous donnant des hugs.  =_=


  1. Aw! C'est Pat et son chum! Sont assez cute! ^-^

  2. g oublier k tavais pris ces pics!!! send them to me, on prend jamais de pics ensemble XD