Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm on a roll! After watching Thor, this week I have proceeded to catch up on Iron Man 1 & 2.  Mickey Rourke makes a really interesting russian badass I must say.

Anyway, just wanted to show you the following video from this crazy couple who are going from Paris to Moscou to Beijing to Tokyo taking the plane + trans siberian.  Feel free to steal the idea by the way yall:

Yes this couple has chosen to ask for kilometers as wedding gifts instead of the usual plates, bathrobes and dishwashers.  Genius!!  I don't understand the whole wedding list in western culture (or just in America??), in China you receive cash in red pockets, simple as that.   If there is such business in America, I would love to open a online wedding list website where people can make their payments online and the recipients can decide wherever they want to throw that money into.  Oh well, pretty sure it already exists.


  1. Hey bro, keep up the good blog.


  2. loloooolll chui jalouse. et jai envie dme marier juste pour ca

  3. Hey since u watched Iron Man 2, did u find the opening scene with the death of Mickey Rourke's dad really weird?

    I mean just the way that Rourke expressed his anger and sadness after his dad's passing. I was expecting like a "NOOOOOO" but instead it was like "gArshgrrr"