Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I just watched THOR and I loved it!

When it comes to action movies, I'm always behind by a few years.  After watching the Avengers two weeks ago I felt a strong curiosity towards the Marvel characters, which led me to their individual movies, starting with Thor. Maybe next week I'll catch up on the Iron Man and Captain America.  By the way, first thing I did at the end of the movie was to google : How did Thor get back to Earth?  ;)

I'm ready to come back to blogging after a very much needed break (from not only the blog but also the internet & the evil computer)  aaah how liberating.

Sometimes after leaving the moose or watching him leave this time, my first wish is to be alone and have some time to JUST BE SAD.  The airport is the ultimate emotional roller coaster location, no matter how many times I find myself there I always end up with a nasty running nose and red eyes.  I think next time I will set my feet in there, it will be to start a great adventure !! Just wait for it!

Now something that makes me sigh everyday : walking up to my car, and being reminded that this same car brought my friends and I to New York two weeks ago... The moose and I even slept (uncomfortably) in this car by the lighthouse near 32nd avenue  the night my dad was in Lachine.  It's so much more fun to drive with friends around, even though they won't let me listen to Norah Jones.

A pic of Natalie is always a good way to end a random post.

Can't wait for THOR 2!!!

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  1. love love love love love love nathalie. c sur que si jtais un homme, jla stalkerais jour et nuit. et non jvoulais pas te laisser quitter laeroport toute seule. c trop triste