Saturday, May 28, 2011

woman driver stereotype :1 me: 0

Friday morning it rained so hard in the countryside that I had to turn on my lights so that the car behind could see me. It stopped raining as I got to work and ... I forgot to turn them off. Of course. 4 hours later , I run out of my office because I suddenly remembered but of course it was too late dammit.

heureusement, I have my team of experts who helped me out!!

vanessa : au moins ça m'aura servi de sortir avec des gars de char!!
Vanessa, Nathan (the intern we like boss around), and I are the only young ppl in our company.  Only...they are here temporarily, Nathan is going back to france for his phd, and Vanessa is replacing someone on maternity leave, she is saving up for a year of studies in Spain. 
I like to think that I'm  here temporarily also  -_-


  1. You are as well :) si tes encore la a 45 ans, je te botte le cul solide

  2. Lol! Mais ta voiture ne fait pas un bruit pour t'avertir que tu n'as pas fermé tes lumières? Moi, dès que j'ouvre ma porte et que par mes lumières sont encore allumés ou que mes clés ne sont pas sortis, ça fait un bruit de la mort. Impossible à manquer.