Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sooooo enough about these crappy elections!

Last time I talked about the talented Adele, another British emerging artist we've heard a lot about lately would be the incredible Jessie J. I think in Canada we've only heard Price list. Her single Do it like a dude is insanely catchy as well...
you can't really hear it in this song, but in her acoustic covers her raspy voice is quite something.

from the same artist who did Jessie's diamond lips, Paige Thompson:

p-s: I tried on contact lenses by myself yesterday, after 15 minutes of poking into my eyes I finally inserted them... don't know how you guys do it on a daily basis.  or maybe my eyes are too chaiiiiineeesseuuuh...


  1. I LOVE Price Tag but I HATE this song/video. I love her style though, so cute and hardcore at the same time. ^-^

  2. nah, you get used to it. hate contacts XD