Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last bits of my summer

Here's my attempt at returning to the blogging world, which requires from me far more discipline than I've expected... I wonder how many people still read this blog (silently!!) ?  The time I spend on internet has significantly decreased since I've made the big move, as there's no more need for me to escape in the virtual world when I can just walk out to the house and live the dream!  Okay that made me sound like a World of Warcraft freak who never sees the sunlight.  wahaha.

My first two weeks in France were spent in the countryside, soaking up the August sun, babysitting and making sure kids and dogs don't devour each other, laughing over the afternoon goûter ritual on the kitchen table...


  1. sooooo jealous. les yeux de axel sont ultra bleus sur la photo avec la couronne de fleurs! le chat est trop mimi et beibei a lair bcp trop heureux! la famille est trop belle :) bref, le rêve yili!!!! je suis trop contente pour toi

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