Thursday, September 13, 2012

To be honest, this first week in the new apartment has been tough for me. I guess only you people who read my blog will know about this unglamorous side of my move to Paris. The idyllic first month in this country is over and I'm not saying Paris' charm is starting to wear off; it's still as beautiful as always, but I cannot go out with the increasing guilt of being unemployed.  (Yes I haven't tried applying at Galeries Lafayette to sell Chanel bags to rich chinese yet, but I think I'll do that if in a month there is still no job for me)  The moose works from 8 to 8 everyday this week so it's just beibei and I at home.  I know what you're thinking. It's a good experience but I don't think I'm meant to be a housewife -_-.  Really enjoying the cooking though (did I mention that I also have an OVEN??!!), I wish I could have my friends here and make good use of my FOLDING TABLE FOR 8 !

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  1. I have to admit, if we could have been there too, it would be great !! jespere que tu vis les moments les plus specials de ta vie =)

  2. hahahah je vais essayer de te visiter dans la prochaine année :S entretemps, pratique toi à faire des bons plats!