Monday, September 10, 2012

new home

The past few days really tested our muscles and endurance, as we moved from the 5e to the 13e (chinatown hahaha) by bus/metro and the help of a friend with a tiny car. Our new apartment is on the 5th floor of this pink building WITHOUT ELEVATOR. As you can see there is a cute bakery right downstairs and we share the inner court with them, so it smells like bread all day (and sometimes like yeast).  I think the hundreds of stairs will compensate enough for the pains aux chocolats I will be indulging in.

Photos coming up in my next post, don't start imagining some grandiose hausmanian apartment with the complete balcony overlooking the river ;)  I've come to accept my destiny, carpet always seem to cross my path, so be it. It makes our little nest even cozier.

OH AND I HAVE A WASHING MACHINE, c'est du grand luxe ^___^

For the curious ones, the new home is on Avenue d'Italie near Metro Tolbiac.

1 comment:

  1. limportant cest que vous soyez ensemble :)
    et que ca sente la boulangerie toute la journée, cest comme tellement stéréotypé LOOOLLL love you ma belle !!!