Thursday, September 20, 2012

The corners of our new home

So happy about our homegrown basil and coriander
Il y a tellement de lumière dans cet appart qu'on est obligé de fermer les volets et rideaux pour ne pas être aveuglés. J'ADORE.

Avoir une fenêtre dans ma cuisine en plus d'un grand four = tous mes désirs de housewife sont comblés.

la cour intérieure. We saw a neighbour in the front building completely naked with her windows wide open. Yes Andrew, we could see her bush.

 It's covered in beige 70s cement but we have our own (functional) fireplace!

I made this peephole raccoon.

 Don't know whether you're able to see the painting that the artist who used to live here has left us, those are 4 baby doll heads painted in white. Very special indeed.

Mon coin à moi!!  

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  1. chui full jalouse :) la premiere photo est a repinner sur pinterest loool