Sunday, February 19, 2012

YZ, Freelance Consultant

Over the last month, my admiration for foreign students in France grew exponentially.  In my opinion, the process of applying for a French university, regardless of the outcome, deserves a friggin MEDAL.  Award for patience, perseverance and amazing resourcefulness. 

Don't look back, you've probably already cut down a tree by now with all the paperwork.

If I ever see the light at the end of this tunnel, I will publish a strategy guidebook dammit!!

I already have a whole chapter from my past experience:

-How to open a bank account in France (it took me 3months, my exchange was only 4) 

Hopefully my strategy guide will include the following:
-How to navigate through French universities' websites, with 50% broken links
-Actually forget the website, I'm going to include all the important deadlines & forms
-Table of equivalence from Quebec to France education system
-Glossary of all French abbreviations (Never seen so many)
-Before leaving, rendez-vous with French Embassy, more forms to be filled

But seriously, I think it's gonna be worth it all if I manage to get accepted :) :) :)

I know it must not be as complex as I make it sound, but because I don't know ANY québécois who went to study in France, I feel like a pioneer with no one to turn to for advices.  Can't imagine what it's like for someone who doesn't speak French. MAD PROPS.

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